I Am


I    am:

a mom

a dietitian

a wellness promoter

More than that, I  am:

constantly working on me

creating positive self-talk

encouraging others

At times, I  am:


dog tired


Then I  remind myself, I am:


perfectly imperfect

a work in progress.

In this wellness world, things aren't always as they seem. I may look like I always have it together, but let's be honest...does anyone? 

I  do the best to feed my mind, body and soul daily. Some days I  am on fire...other days I feel like shutting down. My point is, please don't compare yourself to others. You are on your own unique journey and thinking you know what someone else's journey looks like and comparing it to your own will only derail your efforts. 

When you start feeling negativity creeping in try some of these strategies to get you back on track:

1. Meditate and or pray. Either of these will get you back in the right headspace. If you don't know how to meditate, I  highly recommend finding an app for this. Currently I  am loving the Insight Timer app. P.S. It's FREE!

2. Positive self-talk. All of that negativity swirling around in your head is toxic, friends. Take those negative thoughts and turn them around and make them positive. For example: "I  am fat." First of all you are not fat, you are YOU. Instead try saying, I  really love (fill in the blank) about myself.   

3. Take a walk. I  could go on and on about the benefits of walking but I'll keep it simple. Fresh air and getting into nature...something about that combo creates a fresh perspective Every. Single. Time. Also, moving your body releases endorphins, your feel good hormone. So long, bad thoughts.

4. SMILE. Seriously, smile, that's it. How can you be upset if you are laughing or smiling? Find something that makes you smile or laugh and do that. 


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